Shiori Usui

Twenty Fifth Anniversary Awards - Shortlisted 2018

One strand of exploration for Dundee-based composer Shiori Usui is the human body as a musical instrument and a source of compositional materials. She has composed pieces inspired by things such as laughter, snoring, (in) digestion and lastly eczema. Her piece ‘from scratch’ used the human body directly as a musical instrument by scratching her skin with a contact microphone and transforming the texture of sound in real time with live electronics. The piece was recently premiered by the Scottish Symphony Orchestra with Owen Green and Ilan Volkov (Old Fruitmarket 2017).

Shiori’s love of exploring new sounds that widen her perception of the world led her to develop ’Deep’ a piece which was inspired by deep sea creatures. The audience were encouraged to sit on the floor of the auditorium while the musicians played from different heights and positions to create the physical experience of sound approaching and disappearing. The piece was commissioned by BCMG and Sound and Music.

Shiori was nominated by David Sawer.