Clod Ensemble: Placebo

  • Salford. The Lowry. 11 – 13 October
    Brighton. Attenborough Centre for the Creative Arts. 16 – 17 October
    Preston. Derelict at UCLan. 19 – 20 October.
    London. The Place. 30 October – 10 November

    Directed by Suzy Willson with original music by Paul Clark (Clod Ensemble's Co-Artistic Directors), Placebo follows dancers through a through a series of ‘experiments’, some performed with the help of the audience. Placebo is an invigorating celebration of the power we have to make ourselves feel better, even when things are falling apart.
    Seven dancers invite audience members to discover a space full of expectation, suggestion and infectious rhythm in this show, which uses the concept of the placebo effect as a point of departure. The placebo effect describes the phenomenon which occurs when a person is a given a fake or inactive treatment of no intended therapeutic value but experiences an improvement in health regardless.

    Placebo is accompanied by The Power of Placebo, a national programme of events that bring together scientists, artists, ethicists and anthropologists, to explore how our attitudes, beliefs, relationships, rituals and environments can affect our health for better or for worse.

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