• 17-04-2013
  • Photography fellow Eugenia Ivanessevich in new group show

  • A new exhibition curated by Crystal Bennes, "The Woman, The Gaze, The World" is loosely themed around a picking apart of the question of whether women see the world differently than men. Running from the 23rd April to the 3rd May with artists Catherine Hyland, Seulki Ki, Eugenia Ivanissevich, Victoria Jenkins and Alison Stolwood the exhibition presents each artist as offering a specific and personal take on photography as a medium and practice through various acts of filtering, of staging, of manipulating the "truth".
    Each artists has been paired with a writer, who has been challenged to create a new piece of writing that responds, however indirectly, to the work of that artist and to the themes in question. The intention here is to add a layer of richness to the exhibition, particularly given the considerable crossover in the way photographers and writers approach reality.

  • 17-04-2013
  • Architectural Foundation:Call for Submissions

  • The Architectural Foundation invites tenders for innovative, independent exhibitions and installations for their Central London Project. Deadline 10th May 2013. The Project Space Open Call offers organisations, artists, architects and curators the opportunity to activate the AF Project Space as a testing ground for modes of exhibition and 1:1 scale spatial experimentation. The Open Call will select up to two projects for presentation in 2014. For more info go to www.architecturefoundation.org.uk/programme/2013/af-project-space-open-call. Image: Bureau Spectacular: Three Little Worlds. Summer 2012. Courtesy Daniel Hewitt.

  • 04-03-2013
  • Samara Scott's new project at the Cabinet Rooms

  • Cd0xdsspi is the title of runner up Samara Scott's new project. The unpronounceable title comes from a text message the artist sent accidentally through her tight trouser pocket on a Friday night! Scott treats the space like a cleavage, a utilisation of a warm soft space for placing items. Objects are amassed from everyday life–sticky sweeties, warm-washed materials,
    starchy dyed foodstuffs, chewyBlu-Tack, hand torn crusts of sponges and glittery rubbish
    suggesting an underwater world of slow churning memories, synth pop or perhapsthe feeling
    of a summer holiday in the Bosporus. The tempo dribbling between these erratic ‘mating
    surfaces’ is hesitant, frustrated–a webby top layer scattering jerks of exclamation marks and
    slurred pauses. The posing composition of fizzy and soft edges and semi-undressed sediments
    are a lasagna-sandwich of plastic nostalgia. On until 6th July.