Categories - 2017 Awards

Creative Non-Fiction

A first for the Foundation and prompted by the public's interest in such literature, Creative Non-Fiction is naturally genre-blurring. Neither fiction nor non-fiction the form often takes from both, using literary craft from the former and mixing it with factually accurate prose about real people and events in a compelling, vivid and dramatic manner. The award will be given to writers who have completed a book or books in this genre or are working towards such an outcome.

Essay Films

Anther first for the Awards, Essay Films are a highly personal vehicle for more visionary radicle film making. Unlike conventional documentaries they are only partly defined by their subject matter, tending not to follow linear structures but are often digressive and associative, reflecting on the material they present which is often archival. Essay film makers employ a material research based practice similar to that of artists who have appropriated it and added to its growth.

Furniture Design supported by the David Collins Foundation

We are delighted to announce the first award supported by the David Collins Foundation. Being a fundamental part of how we define the spaces we live and work in Furniture Design was one of the first design disciplines to emerge along with tools and clothing. The way, however, that it is designed, fabricated, sold and disposed of is constantly changing, making this award and the designers it will support particularly interesting.

Jazz Composition supported by PRS for Music Foundation

Composers nominated can be writing works of any style and instrumentation and it is hoped that the list of nominees will reflect the diversity of music now associated with the ever-evolving world of jazz in the UK. As Mike Flynn says of todays UK scene, 'British jazz composition is in extremely good health at the moment with both a new generation coming through producing work of great imagination and depth as well as established and internationally recognised artists hitting new peaks of creativity across a range of hugely ambitious projects that show just how vibrant the British jazz scene and its composers are today.'

Live Art

Live Art includes experimental processes and practices that might otherwise be excluded from established curatorial, cultural and critical frameworks and therefore involves artists working at the margins of their discipline, experimenting outside the established norms of what it means to be a sculptor, dancer or actor.

Materials Innovation supported by The Clothworkers' Foundation

We are delighted to be working with the Clothworkers' for another three year period. Their support of a Materials Innovation award continues this year attracting applicants who are involved at any stage of the material lifecycle including, but not limited to, the development of a new material, to new processes of finishing/manufacturing or reprocessing of an existing material, recycling, logistics, retail or distribution.


Edmund de Waal : Artist and Writer
Simon Prosser : Publishing Director of Hamish Hamilton
Dr Julie Wheelright : Writer and founder of MA creative writing non-fiction at City Uni

Essay Films

Maria Fusco : Writer of fiction, critical and theoretical texts.
Mark Kidel : Filmmaker and Writer specialising in the arts and music
Andrew Kotting : Artist and Filmmaker

Furniture Design supported by the David Collins Foundation

Libby Sellers : Design Curator and Gallerist
Bethan Laura Wood : Multidisciplinary Designer
Martino Gamper : Designer

Materials Innovation

Professor Jane Harris : Professor of Digital Design and Innovation & Associate Dean of Research
Scarlet Oliver : Interior Designer and Clothworker Board Member
David Shukman :Science Editor for BBC News
Virginia Hodge : HodgeSellers

Jazz Composition supported by PRS for Music Foundation

Issie Barratt : Composer, Arranger, Conductor & Baritone player
Orphy Robinson : Multi-instrumentalist & Composer
Richard Williams : Music writer and Artistic Director of Berlin Jazz Festival

Live Art supported by the Yoma Sasburg Estate

Stephanie Rosenthal : Chief Curator Hayward Gallery
Laura McDermott : Creative Director, Attenborough Center for the Creative Arts
Edd Hobbs : Independent Artists' Producer