The Arts Foundation

The Arts Foundation supports emerging talent in the Arts. Whether exploring new avenues or consolidating existing work this £10,000 fellowship has proved crucial in the success of many award winners. Trustees include artist Antony Gormley, Director of Somerset House Jonathan Reekie, Choreographer Siobhan Davies and director Sir Richard Eyre read more >>>

Arts Foundation Awards 2016. The Winners are as follows:

    • Ruth Ewan

    • Art in the Urban Space supported by the Yoma Sasburg Estate

    • ”Much of what I do is a learning process for myself as much as it is for others” says...
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    • Gregory Sinclair

    • Children's Theatre supported by the Lionel Bart Foundation

    • Scotland-based Greg Sinclair graduated in Music from Glasgow University in 2003 and works...
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    • Deborah Smith

    • Literary Translation

    • Deborah is currently the only published UK-based translator of Korean fiction. Graduating...
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    • Vann Kwok

    • Jewellery Design

    • For Hong Kong born Vann Kwok, jewellery design provides a perfect platform to thread...
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    • Carmen Hijosa

    • Materials Innovation supported by The Clothworkers' Foundation

    • Spanish-born Carmen Hijosa is the creator of Piñatex, a unique, natural and sustainable,...
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    • Laura Ducceschi

    • Producers of Live Music supported by the PRS for Music Foundation

    • Brighton based Laura Ducceschi is currently music producer for the Brighton Dome and...
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    • Laura Ducceschi with Sebastian Faulks
    • The brilliant Sebastian Faulks has announced the winners at the 2016 Awards at the 20th Century Theatre in London. The party was a celebration of all the artists shortlisted this year in the following categories; Art in Urban Space, Children's Theatre, Jewellery Design, Literary Translation, Materials Innovation and Producers of Live Music. The winners of the award who will receive £10,000 were Deborah Smith (Literary Translation), Greg Sinclair (Children's Theatre), Vann Kwok (Jewellery Design), Laura Ducceschi (Producers of Live Music) and Ruth Ewan (Art in Urban Space) with £1,000 awarded to all shortlisted applicants. For more information about the shortlisted artists and winners go to;

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    • Congratulations to Laura Ducceshi, Suzy Glass, John Stevens and Kate Whitley, four exciting Producers of Live Music shortlisted for a £10,000 Arts Foundation Award supported by PRS for Music Foundation.
      Dreaming up music productions in multi-storey car parks, harbours and cinemas; from classical, contemporary to electronic; always visually and sonically inspired, the power of the creative producer of live music can never be underestimated. In times where music and technology can both collide and collaborate from the smallest stage to an epic outside space, the four shortlisted artists demonstrate the huge diversity and potential of this art form. See below for more details....

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    • Find an Artist

    • Need to find a particular artist? Got a commission? Searching for specific crafts people? Or just keen to check out 21 years worth of winners across all types of artforms.

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    • Fellow Spot

    • Find out how the artists used their fellowship and what they came out with...
      "The process of applying in many ways had the one of the most galvanising affects on me focusing on my musical aspiration; for the first time i had to construct the manifesto on why i want to be an artist....".

      Read more to find out how folk artist Sam Lee used the fellowship to develop his practice and help produce his highly-rated Mercury Prize nominated album.

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