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For 24 years the Arts Foundation has supported emerging talent in the Arts. Whether exploring new avenues or consolidating existing work the £10,000 fellowships have proved crucial in the success of many award winners. Trustees include Director of Somerset House Jonathan Reekie, Choreographer Siobhan Davies and director Sir Richard Eyre read more >>>

Arts Foundation Awards 2017. The Winners are as follows:

    • Samuel Stevens

    • Essay Films

    • Stevens is a visiting Lecturer at the University of Westminster where he recently...
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    • Joanna Walsh

    • Creative Non-Fiction

    • Through a balance of meticulous research and lived experience, Joanna Walsh manages to...
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    • Max Frommeld

    • Furniture Design supported by the David Collins Foundation

    • Functionality and play are at the core of Max Frommeld’s creative thinking. His work is...
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    • Julian Melchiorri

    • Materials Innovation supported by The Clothworkers' Foundation

    • Julian Melchiorri is a British-Italian artist and inventor whose work sits between art...
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    • Lauren Kinsella

    • Jazz Composition supported by PRS for Music Foundation

    • Lauren Kinsella is a vocalist who explores the role of voice in contemporary composition...
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    • Evan Ifekoya

    • Live Art supported by the Yoma Sasburg Estate

    • Evan Ifekoya’s current work investigates the possibility of an erotic and poetic...
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    • Live Art award winner Evan Ifekoya and Will Self at the Awards
    • Congratulations to the six new award winners who were just announced on Wednesday 25th January at the Arts Foundation Awards 2017. Guest of Honour Will Self gave out the £10,000 fellowships at a ceremony at Conway Hall, London. The winners were Evan Ifekoya (Live Art), Sam Stevens (Essay Film), Joanna Walsh (Creative Non-Fiction), Max Frommeld (Furniture Design), Julian Melchiorri (Materials Innovation) and Lauren Kinsella (Jazz Composition). For details, images and more information on the artists go to the link below.

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    • Essay Film Now! Podcast

    • Essay Film Now was an event celebrating this burgeoning artform through the artists shortlisted for the 2017 Arts Foundation Essay Film Award and took place at the Whitechapel Gallery, London in mid January. The four shortlisted makers, Sarah Wood, Marianna Simnett, Sam Stevens and Charlie Lyne were also interviewed at length prior to the event by the Cinematologists, including an interview with writer Sophie Mayer about the genre. This enlightening interview can be heard by going to

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    • Find an Artist

    • Need to find a particular artist? Got a commission? Searching for specific crafts people? Or just keen to check out 21 years worth of winners across all types of artforms.

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    • Fellow Spot

    • Find out how the artists used their fellowship and what they came out with...
      "The process of applying in many ways had the one of the most galvanising affects on me focusing on my musical aspiration; for the first time i had to construct the manifesto on why i want to be an artist....".

      Read more to find out how folk artist Sam Lee used the fellowship to develop his practice and help produce his highly-rated Mercury Prize nominated album.

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